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‘alexis sanchez has stunk manchester united out’ – simon jordan slams forward’s attitude while earning ‘ludicrous’ wages

Simon Jordan says Alexis Sanchez has ‘stunk the place out’ since joining Manchester United, and is raging the forward has got away with ‘not lifting a leg’ on £25million-a-year wages. Sanchez has spectacularly flopped since his arrival from Arsenal 18 months ago. The Chilean ace signed a £500,000-a-week deal with the Red Devils in January […]

rachel roddy’s recipe for tonnato sauce | a kitchen in rome | food

This creamy tuna and anchovy mayonnaise from northern Italy suits meats, hard-boiled eggs and buttery lettuce, but is superb over tomatoesAnna, Jane, Elizabeth, Madhur, Alastair, Colin, Delia, Nigel, Mary, Simon, Nigella, Sophie, Josceline, the Ladies of the Yorkshire WI: when I return to my parents’ house, coming back to Mum’s cookbooks is like walking into a room of incredibly familiar people, all of whom look a bit odd, older and, in a few cases, fallen apart.This wasn’t always the way; these...

anna jones’ recipes for fruit cobbler and corn salad | the modern cook | food

Arm yourself with a couple of baskets and stuff them with the season’s bounty to make a fruity crumble cobbler and a charred corn saladMy second-ever job (after being on the popcorn stand at the local cinema) was working at a pick-your-own farm just outside London.My job was making fudge; my boyfriend worked in the pick-your-own cabins, weighing hauls of raspberries and redcurrants, corn and pumpkins as the year passed. Continue reading...

late cardiff city striker exposed to ‘potentially fatal’ levels of carbon monoxide before plane crash

Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson suffered carbon monoxide poisoning before their deaths in a tragic plane crash in January, it has been revealed. In a new report on the accident, Air Accident Investigation Branch have published their findings that the footballer was exposed to ‘potentially lethal’ levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Sala had just […]

how premier league footballers got woke | football

Once renowned for luxury lifestyles and bad behaviour, players are speaking out on big issues from mental health to politics“I wanted to see if anyone from our industry would speak out about the [Alabama] abortion bill, but I guess people are too scared. This isn’t just an issue for women, it’s one for every human being. We fight for equality and this is something men should fight for and not hide away from.”That’s not a politician, a columnist, or a “progressive lovey” with an Oscar on their be...

my search for the perfect salad | food

Simple, wholesome leaves or a brass band made of food? These days a salad can mean almost anything – except dietingI had a conversation once with the very urbane chef and pioneer of the contemporary British scene, Rowley Leigh. He didn’t understand salads, he said, now that people had started putting things like meat in them. I disagreed: it is wonderful to find meat in a salad, a windfall, a gift from the universe, like putting your winter coat on for the first time that season and finding a te...

emiliano sala and crash pilot 'probably poisoned by fumes' | football

Toxicology tests on footballer’s body show fatal levels of carbon monoxide exposureThe footballer Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson were probably poisoned by carbon monoxide fumes in their small plane that crashed in the Channel in January, investigators have found.Toxicology tests on the Cardiff City footballer showed levels of carboxyhaemoglobin – formed in the blood when exposed to carbon monoxide – above the point generally considered to be potentially fatal. Continue reading...

how the best premier league xi would fare against the current manchester city side, according to stats

David Moyes told talkSPORT he believes a team of the Premier League’s best players would struggle to beat Manchester City. City have accumulated a combined 198 points from the past two seasons alone, more than Bournemouth have ever accrued in their entire top flight history. The former Manchester United boss insists Pep Guardiola’s side, who […]

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