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Apex Legends: Character Guide (Classes, Abilities, and Tier List)

Apex Legends' use of heroes with different abilities helps separate it from other battle royale games. To help you choose your legend, we've put together a legend guide detailing their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The post Apex Legends: character guide (classes, abilities, and tier list) appeared first on Digital Trends.

Apex Legends: Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Champion

Jumping into Apex Legends for the first time? Need help becoming a champion? Our Apex Legends beginner's guide has 15 tips and tricks that will hopefully help your team make it into the champion's circle. The post Apex Legends: beginner’s guide to becoming a champion appeared first on Digital Trends.

Fortnite And Apex Legends Are Threatening To Monopolize Our Lives

Live service games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are eating up everyone's time, leaving other games out in the cold. While my backlog continues to grow, it seems the gaming industry is struggling to keep up as well. The post So many games, so little time: How Fortnite, Apex Legends monopolize our lives appeared first on Digital Trends.