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Most cities can't deal with e-scooters. Charlotte wants to show them how

The city of Charlotte, North Carolina believes that e-scooters can have a positive impact on the world, so it's partnered with a shipping logistics company to figure out the best way for cities all over the globe to welcome micromobility startups onto their streets and sidewalks. The post Most cities can’t deal with e-scooters. Charlotte, NC wants to show them how appeared first on Digital Trends.

Smart City Planners Are Rethinking the Concept of Parking

What will parking look like in smart cities of the future? Will we even need parking spaces? As more people are deserting car ownership, planners are coming up with concepts for parking. The post Smart city planners are rethinking parking by getting rid of it appeared first on Digital Trends.

Singapore Using Smart-City Tech to Remove Red Tape

Like many governments, Singapore’s puts citizens through plenty of red tape. But as part of its smart-city initiatives, the government is using tech to remove layers of bureaucracy. The post Singapore uses its smart city tech to help citizens cut through the red tape appeared first on Digital Trends.

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