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alexa and google home devices leveraged to phish and eavesdrop on users, again

Hackers can abuse Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart assistants to eavesdrop on user conversations without users' knowledge, or trick users into handing over sensitive information.See alsoThe attacks aren't technically new. Security researchers have previously found similar phishing and eavesdropping vectors impacting Amazon Alexa in April 2018; Alexa and Google Home devices in May 2018; and again Alexa devices in August 2018.Both Amazon and Google have deployed countermeasures every time, yet ...

at&t left me speechless when i asked about the samsung galaxy fold

AT&T's not ready for something so good.Finally, they said, it would bend but not break.More SamsungFinally, they said, the phone revolution had arrived. How could one not be fascinated by the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Not just because it had been through trials -- and failed them -- but that it had come out of the experience stronger. Or, at least, that's what Samsung said.I felt an uncontrolled urge, therefore, to experience the phone for myself and see how salespeople were presenting it.I've b...

four must-have travel essentials | zdnet

It’s easy to think that all you need to carry with you these days is a smartphone and you’re ready for anything. But some extended periods away from my desk have discovered four things that are ‘must-haves’ for the traveller.

santander to offer hundreds of coding scholarships in brazil

Spanish bank Santander is funding a project to produce hundreds of new developers in Brazil and address the local shortage of technology expertise. The bank has partnered with latin coding school Digital House to deliver the program, which will offer 240 full scholarships for the five-month full stack development course and will commence in January 2020 at the school, in São Paulo. To get a place in the program, dubbed Santander Coders by Digital House, candidates will have to go through online...

mark hurd, former oracle co-ceo, dies at 62

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd delivered a keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld on September 19, 2016.Oracle's former CEO Mark Hurd has died, as first reported by CNBC and confirmed by ZDNet. The executive took a leave of absence from the enterprise software company in September due to unspecified health reasons, leaving the company in the hands of his then co-CEO Safra Catz, as well as co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison.FeaturedHurd, 62, had served as Oracle's co-CEO since 2014. He came to Oracle from HP, ...

adobe adds new ai tools to data science workspace in experience platform

Adobe is rolling out AI enhancements to the Experience platform, its customer experience management service. The creative software giant said it's adding more features that draw upon its Sensei AI framework, including advanced customer personalization, product recommendations and streamlined activation. FeaturedAdobe's Data Science Workspace aims to help enterprises leverage real-time data at scale. The tool lets data scientists access large datasets in the Experience platform to create, train ...

free decrypter released for stop ransomware, today's most popular ransomware strain

Antivirus maker Emsisoft has published today a free decryption utility for the STOP ransomware strain, today's most active and widespread ransomware family.The decrypter can unlock 148 of the 160 variants of the STOP ransomware. Emsisoft recently ranked STOP as the top ransomware threat during the last six months (2019 Q2 and Q3). Image: Emsisoft According to Emsisoft, there are "more than 116,000 confirmed victims and an estimated total of 460,000 victims" who now stand to benefit from the STO...

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News from the source ZD net on page 1

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