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Counterclockwise: searching for the meaning of max, mini, pro, plus and other such names

Is "Pro" better than a "Plus"? Which is bigger, "Max" or "Note"? Which has the bigger battery? How small is a "mini", anyway? Some of these qualifiers do carry some meaning, e.g. "note" always means a larger device. Larger than the company's average phone that is, there is no legal minimum for a phone to be get "note" in its name. "Max" is more vague - it could mean a large screen, large battery or both. Similarly, "Pro" and "Plus" carry connotations of a more premium device (which often ...

The new phones of the week

Some week we had! A whole bunch of announcements took place over the past few days - some exciting, others even more so. It all started on Tuesday with the reveal of the OnePlus 7 Pro, and its vanilla 7 sidekick. OnePlus releases always make waves and this one was no different. The 7 Pro comes with a superb QHD+ 90Hz display, a trifecta of cameras on the back, and a motorized selfie cam. Be sure to have a look at our findings in the in-depth review. Then on Wednesday, Realme pulle...

It's Time for You to Stop Using Dryer Sheets. Here's Why

Dryer sheets might make your clothes feel softer and smell nicer, but there's a downside to using them. They reduce the absorbency of your towels, disable the wicking capabilities of activewear, and cause lint buildup. The post It’s time for you to stop using dryer sheets. Here’s why appeared first on Digital Trends.

Friendly Cube Robot Bumble Passes First Hardware Tests Aboard the ISS

There are some unexpected guests aboard the International Space Station (ISS): cute cube robots called Astrobees. Now the first Astrobee robot has undergone hardware tests to check whether its subsystems are working correctly. The post Friendly cube robot Bumble passes its first hardware test aboard the ISS appeared first on Digital Trends.

The Moon Is Shrinking as It Loses Heat, New Images Reveal

New research suggests the Moon is shrinking. NASA scientists have used data from their Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera to look at wrinkles in the surface of the Moon which are formed as it loses heat and shrinks in size. The post The moon is shrinking as it loses heat, new images reveal appeared first on Digital Trends.

Respawn to Fix Gibraltar's Sticky Shield, Hit Detection in Apex Legends

Respawn is set to roll out a new patch for Apex Legends early this week. The update will look to fix several issues in the game, including Gibraltar's sticky shield, the Fortified passive ability, and incorrect hit registration. The post Next Apex Legends patch will fix Gibraltar’s sticky shield and hit registration appeared first on Digital Trends.

Two Galaxies Play Tug of War in This Spectacular Hubble Image

Hubble has captured evidence of a nearby galactic neighbor affecting the the shape and star production of a galaxy. The irregular galaxy NGC 4485 has been pulled into an unusual shape due to the nearby and much larger galaxy NGC 4490. The post Two galaxies play tug of war in this spectacular Hubble image appeared first on Digital Trends.

Creators of WhatsApp Attack Software Face Lawsuit From Amnesty Int'l

This week a spyware attack was launched on WhatsApp. Now the Israeli firm linked to that attack is facing a lawsuit from human rights NGO Amnesty International, alleging their software has been used to surveil human rights defenders. The post Creators of WhatsApp attack software face lawsuit from Amnesty International appeared first on Digital Trends.

Blizzard Releases 'Not a Bug' List for World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard released a "not a bug" list for World of Warcraft Classic, as beta testers apparently kept reporting intended features. The list includes the "Your skill in Protection increased to 15" message that appears upon leveling up. The post World of Warcraft Classic beta testers confusing old-school features for bugs appeared first on Digital Trends.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 to Roll Out 2020 as Treyarch Takes Over

Treyarch is taking over development for the 2020 Call of Duty, which will be Black Ops 5, Kotaku reported. Raven was initially leading the project alongside Sledgehammer, but the two studios frequently got into arguments. The post Treyarch takes over 2020 Call of Duty, will make Black Ops 5 appeared first on Digital Trends.

On-Demand Autonomous Car Rental Is Closer Than You Think

Soon we will see connected rental fleets with a dedicated lane at airports for self-driving cars, where drivers control the car to the airport, and then the empty car drives itself to the rental lot. The post Semi-autonomous and always available: A peek into the near future of car rental appeared first on Digital Trends.

What to Watch After Game of Thrones: 10 Shows to Scratch That GoT Itch

With HBO bringing its hit series Game of Thrones to a conclusion, audiences are going to have a Westeros-sized space open up in their regular viewing schedule. These series are a good place to start finding your next TV obsession. The post Game of Thrones’ end is nigh: Here’s what GoT fans should watch next appeared first on Digital Trends.

Top 10 trending phones of week 20

After the relatively boring week 19, this week properly shook things up with a bunch of exciting announcements, which really shook up our trending chart. The OnePlus 7 Pro went official and unsurprisingly took advantage of that to leap to the top. The new flagship was sitting just behind the Samsung Galaxy A50 for the past two weeks when it was still only a rumor and now that it's a real thing it had no trouble dethroning the Samsung mid-ranger. The vanilla OnePlus 7 didn't get as much...

Ruth Hunt: ‘We had a moral responsibility to fight for trans people’ | Society

She took Stonewall into a bitter battle despite loud internal dissent. As she prepares to leave, she remains sure she was rightRuth Hunt hasn’t had an easy ride. The outgoing chief executive of Stonewall has been accused of driving away donors. She has been charged with running “a militant trans agenda” by one former supporter and “[losing] what the big principle was” by another. Earlier this year the Times and Daily Mail claimed her resignation as a victory in the face of “growing protest by le...

China wants us to forget the horrors of Tiananmen as it rewrites its history | Louisa Lim and Ilaria Maria Sala | Opinion

The state is enforcing a collective amnesia about not only recent political events but those that happened thousands of years agoRemembering the deaths of 4 June 1989 is no neutral task. It is a civic duty, a burden and an act of resistance in countering a state-level lie that risks spreading far beyond China’s borders.On that day the Communist party sent tanks to clear protesters from Tiananmen Square in the centre of Beijing, killing hundreds of people, maybe more than a thousand. In the inter...

Who’s that girl? Queen Victoria as we’ve never seen her before | Art and design

To mark 200 years since her birth, previously unseen photographs of the young, chic monarch have been released to the ObserverFor many, the enduring image of Queen Victoria is of a monarch in mourning, stern-faced and bereft in her black gown and white headpiece after the death of her beloved husband, Albert.Very few pictures capture the young, vibrant woman she had been – when she ascended the throne in 1837, aged 18, photography had barely been invented. But such images do exist, and to mark t...

Poll on a united Ireland ‘could trigger conflict’, says Seamus Mallon | UK news

As Sinn Féin proposes its solution to the issue of the Irish border after Brexit, a senior republican warns of the risksA nationalist architect of the Good Friday agreement has warned that consenting to a vote on a united Ireland could renew bloody conflict on the island.Seamus Mallon, the former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, said a government that acquiesced to Sinn Féin demands for a border poll based on a simple majority would risk provoking a violent uprising by loyalists. As a ...

'Women will die': how new abortion bans will harm the most vulnerable | US news

Women of color and poor women will be disproportionately affected by new restrictions across the US, opponents sayOn the floor of the Alabama state senate this week, a robotic voice read nine pages of legalese that would define a new reality for women in the state: abortion would be a crime, starting from the moment a woman knows she is pregnant. Doctors who perform the procedure could face up to 99 years in prison.Then senators’ names were called one by one, and they cast their votes. There wer...

Bill de Blasio’s neighborhood gym routine isn’t earning him political gains | US news

New York’s mayor, and the latest presidential candidate, says he frequents the YMCA to stay connected to the people, but many say he’s out of touchIf you don’t know anything else about New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, you probably know this: almost every day, he gets driven by SUV 11 miles from his mayoral mansion in Manhattan to his favorite Brooklyn gym.The mayor’s quirky gym routine has drawn outsized attention since he launched his campaign for president, but at home, his fervent devot...

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