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Google Pixel vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 | Specs Comparison

Samsung has finally taken the wraps off the forthcoming Galaxy S8, the company's latest flagship. But can the device compete with the Google Pixel when it comes to power and performance? The post Google Pixel vs. Samsung Galaxy S8: Which is the better Android phone? appeared first on Digital Trends.

'Resident Evil 7' DLC Gets Delayed Over Quality Concerns

Not a Hero, a piece of free DLC for Resident Evil 7, has been delayed by Capcom over quality concerns, with no new date given. The game originally launched in January to rave reviews. The post ‘Resident Evil 7’ free ‘Not a Hero’ DLC delayed over quality concerns appeared first on Digital Trends.

The Best Apps for the Pebble Smartwatch

The cool thing about the Pebble watch is that it has third-party app support. It can't hold very many, so you have to choose well. We've picked 36 of favorite apps, games, and watch faces for you to choose from. The post The must-have Pebble Time apps, watch faces, and games for your wrist appeared first on Digital Trends.

How to Kill Android Apps Running in the Background

Are you having issues with your Android smartphone or tablet? Do you suspect there’s a rogue Android app running in the background? This guide will show you how to check and what you can do about it. The post How to kill Android apps and tasks running in the background appeared first on Digital Trends.

Zerotech's Dobby Drone is Set to Get a New 4K Big Brother

The Dobby drone is getting a new 4K big brother, the Hesper, while a new Dobby set creates choreographed aerial dances. The new products are also accompanied by a $50 price drop to the original Dobby drone. The post Zerotech Dobby drone set to get 4K big brother with longer flights this summer appeared first on Digital Trends.

RCA Signs On To Produce Its Own Roku-Powered Smart TVs

RCA has become the latest company to join the Roku TV licensing program. The company will be debuting its first Roku-powered smart TVs in the coming months in both the U.S. and Canada. The post RCA will begin shipping its first Roku-powered TVs in the coming months appeared first on Digital Trends.

The Genie Is a Bluetooth Speaker that Supports More Than 50 Languages

The Genie is a Bluetooth speaker that lets you use Siri or Google Now in more than 50 different languages and dialects. It's not quite a replacement for the Google Home or Alexa, but it does respond in French, Spanish, and more. The post Say bonjour to Siri with the Genie, a speaker that supports foreign languages appeared first on Digital Trends.

5G Explained: What We Know About 5G

5G is confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Here's how 5G will boost your network stability, speed, and coverage, and just when you can expect to see the benefits. The post 5G is closer than you think, and it's going to change entire industries appeared first on Digital Trends.

Daily iOS App Deals: Get These 6 Paid Apps For Free Now

Everyone likes apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest apps on sale in the iOS App Store. The post Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time appeared first on Digital Trends.

The 100 Best iPad Apps for Every Occasion

The iPad is a terrific tablet, so long as you have the right apps to go along with it. Here are 100 of our current favorites, whether you're looking to read the latest political happenings or the stars. The post Load your iPad with the best apps in every category appeared first on Digital Trends.

How to Restore Deleted Text Messages on an iPhone

If you've ever needed to recover text messages, photos, or other types of media, there are a few simple ways to do so in iOS 10. Here are just a few examples, whether you prefer to go with a third-party app or one of several built-in features. The post Didn’t mean to delete that? Here’s how to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone appeared first on Digital Trends.

Vizio Debuts 2017 P-Series, M-Series TVs, SmartCast Audio Lineup

Vizio's 2016 P-series and M-series TVs were terrific options for anyone who wanted a feature-packed TV without spending a lot of money. Now the new and improved 2017 models are here and they look like an even better deal. The post Waiting for cheap 4K? Vizio’s two new TV lines will tempt you appeared first on Digital Trends.

Incredible Battery Uses Light, But Not Solar Panels, To Charge Itself

Scientists are in the early stages of creating a battery that uses molecular solar cells to charge, so it will never need plugging into the mains, or removing from the device it powers, and doesn't have actual solar panels attached. The post Incredible battery uses light to charge itself, but without solar panels appeared first on Digital Trends.

Could insects provide protein for our booming population?

Agriculture has come a long way in the past century. We produce more food than ever before -- but our current model is unsustainable, and as the world’s population rapidly approaches the 8 billion mark, modern food production methods will need a radical transformation if they're going to keep up. But luckily, there’s a range […] The post The burger of the future comes from crickets, not cows appeared first on Digital Trends.

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News from the source Digital Trends on page 3

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