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See the news the best work from home tips for mac from Source New York Times on 26/03/2020 has been updated to day with the theme on feedixo.

the best work from home tips for mac

With increasing numbers of people forced to work from home, a lot of people are having to rapidly adjust to a new way of getting their jobs done. If that sounds like you and you need some help working from home efficiently with your Mac, you’re in the right place.We’ve rounded up a number of tips and tricks to make home working that much more straightforward, as well as a few recommendations on the best Mac apps that’ll ease you into your new situation. Before you know it, you’ll feel right at home — in both senses.Use Screen Time to keep a scheduleApple’s Screen Time app comes bundled with your Mac (as long as you’re on MacOS Catalina), which is just as well, because it’s one of the best tools to help you manage your time when you’re working from home. It has a range of features that can limit distractions, while at the same time ensuring you don’t become a total hermit.Open System Preferences, then click the Screen Time button. The first screen will show you how you spend your time on your Mac. You will then want to click the App Limits button in the left-hand column. Here, click the + button and choose an app or category that you want to restrict. For instance, put a tick in the checkbox next to Games, then select how long you want to allow yourself to play games per day. You can select a blanket time amount, or tailor it for each day. This is helpful if you find yourself tempted to seek distractions and need Screen Time to step in and keep you focused.Screen Time is not just useful for keeping the distractions at bay. A vital part of working from home is giving yourself a break — if all you do is work, you’ll quickly get burned out. In Screen Time, click Downtime in the left-hand column, then click Turn On. You can now designate a period for time away from your screen, which can be the same every day or vary daily. When this time approaches, your Mac will warn you; when you hit the scheduled start time, all apps except those on Screen Time’s Always Allowed list (plus phone calls) will be blocked, encouraging you to step away from your screen and take some time off.Use Sidecar to get more workspaceAppleDepending on your workplace, you may find yourself going from a large monitor at your office to a much smaller display or laptop at home. That screen space reduction can make your work feel much more cramped and uncomfortable as everything is squeezed down to fit.If you’ve got an iPad, though, Apple has a solution in the form of Sidecar, a new feature in MacOS Catalina. This lets you hook up your iPad to your Mac and run it as a second screen, allowing you to offload apps and windows to your iPad and clean up your cluttered work area.You can also have your Mac’s display mirrored to your iPad instead of extended. If you have an Apple Pencil, that means you can draw or write on your iPad and have it show up on a piece of work on your Mac — that’s particularly good if your work involves illustration or copious note-taking.Don’t have MacOS Catalina? No worries — Duet Display is an alternative app that turns your iPad into a second screen, and even works with your iPhone (something Sidecar doesn’t). Give it a try if Sidecar isn’t available to you.Use Split View for more multitaskingIf your screen real estate is...


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See the news the best work from home tips for mac from Source New York Times on 26/03/2020 has been updated to day with the theme on feedixo.

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