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Armani Exchange AX Connected Review

The Armani brand has grasped the smartwatch reigns and not let go, launching smart wearables with and without touchscreens. The latest comes from Armani Exchange, the more affordable part of the brand. Don’t expect that to mean the Armani Exchange AX Connected is cheap. It costs $295, about the same as every other designer Wear OS smartwatch you can buy at the moment.Except if I hadn’t told you this was an Armani smartwatch, would you have known? Armani Exchange’s fashion is moderately understated, but this watch takes it to a new level. You’ll buy it for the look, certainly, but there’s nothing that really marks it as an Armani watch, and this means it struggles to stand out. It’s a surprise, and may have the odd effect of putting people off, because it blends in to the crowd.Minimal designI was getting ready to come down quite hard on the Armani Exchange AX’s design. It’s good looking, but it’s really simple — going about its life without flourish or great visual excitement. This bothered me, but I wasn’t sure if it was because I wanted more, or if the AX was too boring.It was standing in a queue of people in a cafe, right after I checked a notification, that things came into focus. Right in front of me, someone was wearing a Fitbit Blaze, which is easily one of the most unattractive things you can put on your wrist. The AX looks like a Van Gogh painting next to it — an artistic triumph. I was glad I saw the notification on it, and not a Blaze.It reminded me how easy to forget not all smartwatches have a good design. The AX’s subtlety is great — it looks like a watch, and it has a well-fitting metal band, plus it comes in a beautiful muted, metallic blue color. It doesn’t scream Armani, or even high fashion, at you. This restrained design is to be applauded, but here it comes dangerously close to being faceless. Just another smartwatch, and not one our heart tells us to buy. You only know it’s an AX watch from the tiny logo located on the crown, and on one of the strap links.The AX has a 1.2-inch screen inside a surprisingly slim 12mm thick case. However, the case is still large at 48mm, so it’s not one for those with very small wrists. That said, the design is clever and minimizes how large the watch should look — see the guard pieces around the crown, the simple bezel design, and lack of visible screw heads or other eye-catching features. The horns are expertly blended in with the case and strap, and apart from the side buttons feeling too wobbly and a little cheap, the build quality overall is superb.If I hadn’t told you this was an Armani smartwatch, would you have known?The Armani Exchange smartwatch is made from stainless steel and available in silver, gold, black, or blue. Each comes with a metal link bracelet in the same color, which is lightweight, comfortable, and only occasionally caught wrist hairs. It did require resizing before being worn, which can be done at home with a few simple tools, or by a jeweller. The blue is unusual, looks really excellent, and is the one I’d choose.You can’t escape the relatively ordinary look though, and annoyingly the included watch faces don’t inject much excitement into the watch either. There’s a chronograph look, a modern look, an Armani logo look, an ugly look, and a boring look too. I struggled to pick one I liked enough to show everyday. The watch face is crucial, and it should make our hearts flutter when we look at it. Some faces do have little animations that play when you wake the watch, but it’s not quite enough to make me love them, and probably takes more life from the battery anyway.Software and performanceIf the design is somewhat ordinary, then the technology inside will give you deja-vu. The aging Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor is inside with 4GB of internal storage space, while the 1.2-inch OLED screen has a 390 x 390 pixel resolution.It has GPS, a heart rate sensor, NFC for Google Pay, and the latest version of Wear OS. That’s identical to all other Fossil-produced fashion smartwatches available now, and it’s difficult to recommend one over the better equipped Fossil Sport. The vibration alert is like the design, very subtle, and the screen even at maximum brightness is difficult to see in bright daylight conditions.Andy Boxall/Digital TrendsWear OS connects to both iOS and Android phones with the corresponding app. I used the watch connected to a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and a P30 Pro. Connect to an iPhone, and there are fewer features available. I recommend not buying one if you use an iPhone, as the Apple Watch provides a vastly superior experience.Is Wear OS really that bad? Yes and no. It’s a lot better than it used to be, but that doesn’t make it good. There was a level of expectation when the last update was...


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See the news Armani Exchange AX Connected Review from Source Guardian on 16/04/2019 has been updated to day with the theme on feedixo.