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See the news Joe Trivelli’s new winter vegetable recipes | Food from Source New York Times on 17/03/2019 has been updated to day with the theme on feedixo.

Joe Trivelli’s new winter vegetable recipes | Food

I tend to rely largely on pulses and other dry-store ingredients as winter has its curtain call, but as keen as I am on soft Italian overstewed vegetables, here I have taken a fresher approach – hinting at my longing for food with spring in its step.Without using anything more exotic than the contents of my winter veg box – beetroot, carrots, potatoes – I have injected the flavours with new life: almost acidic winter tomatoes, a kick of horseradish, the punch of some good vinegar to awaken and restore.I love the combination of tomato and horseradish; something I learned from Elizabeth David and have used here in a simple beetroot salad.Potatoes and porkI described this idea to a friend; he beat me to making it and convinced me to include it here. Salty, savoury and heady from herbs and juniper, this makes a strong side or simple supper with a salad.Serves 4bay leaves 5, freshrosemary 1 sprigparsley 1 sprigjuniper berries 7red potatoes 800gpancetta 400g or 2 thick slicesolive oilchillies 2, freshmustard seeds 1 tbspgarlic 2 cloves, peeled and choppedCarefully remove the centre rib out from the bay leaves and grind the leaves to dust in a mortar with a pinch of salt. This will take a bit of patience. Then add the other herbs and the juniper berries and grind.If you like, peel the potatoes, just in strips will do, otherwise just chop them into 5cm thick random shapes. Boil them in lightly salted water until soft but not mushy. Drain.Heat the oven to 200C/gas mark 6.Cut the pancetta into 2cm cubes and fry over a medium heat in a tablespoon of olive oil. They will eventually crisp once much of the fat has rendered.At this point roughly chop the chillies and add to the pan, with the mustard seeds – they will pop in a satisfying way. Then add the potatoes and garlic, turning them over and coating with all the flavours and not minding if they get bashed up a bit. Then stir in the ground herbs and enjoy the aroma.Move to a roasting dish and roast in the preheated oven for 20 minutes, until the potatoes are crispy.Beetroot saladFacebookTwitterPinterest Move to the beet: beetroot salad. Photograph: Romas Foord/The Observer I like to make this refreshing salad with beets cold from the fridge. The order in which to make this tries to mitigate against the beetroot massacre (blood bath) that will inevitably happen.Serves 4 as a starter or a sidewinter tomatoes 300g, or another typeoregano 1 tsp, driedhorseradish root ⅓, around 60gbeetroot 2 medium, around 350glemon ½, juicedparsley 1 small bunch, roughly choppedolive oilcrème fraîche optionalCut the tomatoes into pieces. Place them in a large bowl with a good pinch of salt and oregano. Leave them alone for a bit. Peel and grate the horseradish. I use a microplane, but if you don’t have one, maybe chop the horseradish for a finer finish after you have grated it.Peel the beetroot and slice them into matchsticks a couple of millimetres thick. Place them on to the tomatoes with the horseradish. Add the lemon juice, parsley and a really good glug of olive oil – around 6 tbsp. Combine.Eat with a spoonful of crème fraîche if you find the horseradish too hot.Braised vegetablesFacebookTwitterPinterest Simple but great: braised vegetables. Photograph: Romas Foord/The Observer This is simple cooking that requires a bit of precision to be truly great. We ate it for lunch with a poached egg and a slice of rye bread.Serves 4 as a starter or a sidefennel...

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See the news Joe Trivelli’s new winter vegetable recipes | Food from Source New York Times on 17/03/2019 has been updated to day with the theme on feedixo.