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See the news The Division 2: Skills and Perks Guide For Master Agents from Source New York Times on 15/03/2019 has been updated to day with the theme on feedixo.

The Division 2: Skills and Perks Guide For Master Agents

Skills and perks play important roles in The Division 2. They make your life easier on the dangerous streets of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., and often times they’re the difference between life and death. Even if you have great gear and deadly weapons, you’ll still need an assist from the unique Division agent skills from time to time. And probably more often than you’d like to admit. Our Division 2 skills and perks guide details all of the ever important skills and the overarching systems surrounding them.For more on The Division 2, make sure to check out our beginner’s guide for all of the essential tips and tricks you need to know when starting out.The Division 2 skills and variantsThere are eight skills in The Division 2, each with three to four variants. While all skills are helpful, some are built for offense while others are made for defense. You can only have two skills equipped at once, though. Once you unlock more than a few, you’ll have some choices to make.1. PulsePulse is a gadget that scans the area and highlights enemies. It can be useful not only before initiating firefights, but when enemies start to scramble. Pulse has two additional variants. Remote is a deployable gadget that will check for enemies on loop, making it a worthwhile upgrade since it’s not just a one time scan. Jammer, meanwhile, sends out a pulse that disables hostile electronics.Pulse is a neat skill, but once you play The Division 2 for a while and start to become familiar with enemy movements, it’ll be one of the least desirable skills.2. TurretThe Turret is exactly what it sounds like, a small-mounted gun that shoots automatically at nearby enemies. Even in its default state, Assault, the Turret can be used effectively all throughout the campaign. We cannot count the number of times deploying a turret has saved us during boss fights.The Incinerator variant shoots fire rather than bullets. It’s helpful when you’re near a cluster of enemies and to keep enemies from approaching your position. The Sniper variant is fitted with a long barrel and can be manually directed to fire at specific enemies, leading to one shot skills.3. HiveA multi-purpose skill but its main use is for helping out allies. If you’re a solo player or haven’t entered the Dark Zone, Hive isn’t practical. Its first variant, Restorer, repairs allies’ armor. The Stinger variant deploys micro-drones that attack nearby enemies to create a diversion (read: not as powerful as turrets). The Reviver variant brings downed allies back to life, and the Booster variant sends a stimulant to allies that boost their combat stats.4. Chem LauncherA multi-purpose defensive/offensive skill. Its first variant, Reinforcer, sends a gas cloud that bolsters ally armor. The Firestarter variant puffs a cloud of highly combustible gas. Shoot at it and the area will explode. The Riot Foam variant builds gross looking foam that can cake onto enemies and leave them unable to move or fire their weapon.The Oxidizer variant sends pretty looking corrosive gas that messes with enemy armor and skills while slowing dealing damage. Chem Launcher, especially the Firestarter and Oxidizer variants, can be quite useful in tough boss fights.5. FireflyThe Firefly flies like a, well, bug through the air and blinds nearby enemies with its default Blinder variant. Burster, one of its variants, is one of the neater skills in the game. It attaches small explosives to multiple targets. When those unsuspecting enemies near one another, the explosives start to go off.The Demolisher variant damages weak points, causes nearby environmental objects like gas canisters to explode and eliminates enemy skills. Firefly, and particularly the Demolisher variant, is a great secondary skill to pair with a Turret or Chem Launcher.6. Seeker MineThe Seeker Mine is a small ball that gravitates towards enemies and then explodes. Its Airburst variant sends the explosive charge upwards rather than outwards, and the Cluster variant breaks off into several smaller mines to target numerous enemies. Cluster is the way to go with the Seeker Mine.7. DroneDrones, by default, are like moving turrets. The Striker Drone gets a line on targets and rapidly fires, circling around your position. The Defender variant deflects incoming fire. The Bombardier is a bit different in that you have to choose two points. After placing your targets, the drone will deploy small explosives at the midway point between the spots. The Fixer drone restores ally armor, so it’s only useful when playing in a squad.8. ShieldIn a pinch with enemies closing in, the Shield skill can save your life. The first variant, Bulwark Ballistic, creates a full body shield to carry with you. The catch is that you can only use pistols while holding the shield. The Crusader variant doesn’t cover your whole body, but it does let you use your primary weapons while holding it. The Deflector variant lets you turn enemy fire back on them, as bullets bounce off of it towards...

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See the news The Division 2: Skills and Perks Guide For Master Agents from Source New York Times on 15/03/2019 has been updated to day with the theme on feedixo.