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See the news james acaster: ‘adulthood is still a bit daunting’ | stage from Source New York Times on 24/08/2019 has been updated to day with the theme on feedixo.

james acaster: ‘adulthood is still a bit daunting’ | stage

James Acaster strongly believes that 2016 was The Greatest Year for Music of All Time. If this sounds random, then know that there’s slightly more to the story. Best known for eccentric, meandering standup shows with brilliant titles like Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, and a run of acclaimed Netflix specials, Acaster had an annus horribilis in 2017. Over 12 months, he broke up with his girlfriend, parted ways with his agent, and his mental health suffered, all while the world seemed to be imploding with Trump, Brexit and wall-to-wall celebrity deaths. And so, naturally, Acaster decided to invest in no less than 366 albums from the year before, kickstarting what he describes in his new book as “a mild distraction [which] gradually grew into an obsession that ultimately changed my life”. Perfect Sound Whatever, out now, is the tale of Acaster’s new record collection, his personal challenges, and how he made it through to the other side. Here he selects five songs that saved his life, from skittish Japanese electronica to yodelling. Music to make you “love … or laugh”.Jeff RosenstockPerfect Sound Whatever“I liked this one so much I named my book after it. It’s by an American singer called Jeff Rosenstock who’s been in tons of ska and rock bands, and it’s about how ‘perfect[ion]’ is something that no one will ever achieve, and how it’s not even really a thing. That was something I’d never really thought of until I heard the song; I definitely struggled every time I didn’t get something exactly right – or just got something wrong. I’d really beat myself up about it and feel guilty. I dragged myself through the mud, a lot of the time. I didn’t even know that that was what the song was about at first, until I put it on when I was filming my [Netflix] comedy specials and properly listened to the lyrics. I was feeling anxious that they weren’t going to be any good, and it made me feel relieved, and a lot less stressed. Do I think Jeff should be more well-known? I wouldn’t want to fling him towards the audience of Britain’s Got Talent or something, so – for his sake – let’s not make him too famous.”NonameYesterday“I’d seen [US rapper] Noname’s mixtape Telefone on loads of the Best of 2016 lists but I didn’t really bother listening to it. When I did eventually get round to it I was like, “Oh I’ve been such an idiot!” I used to judge records by their covers, and I just didn’t like the front cover of her album, the skull drawing. I don’t do that any more, though – I’ve got some great albums with ugly covers now. I love how she talks about so many universal experiences, and how she’s really vulnerable and open with her feelings. It’s a summery album, but there are also topics like police brutality and abortion in there. On this track, I love this line she slips in just before the chorus – she just sort...

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See the news james acaster: ‘adulthood is still a bit daunting’ | stage from Source New York Times on 24/08/2019 has been updated to day with the theme on feedixo.

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